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1967 Ferrari 330 GTC
Complete Nut and Bolt Platinum level 
Classiche Certified 2021

This car came to the shop in December 2018. for a complete Platinum level restoration. The client had started this restoration back in the early 1980's and the car was mostly disassembled including the engine. Under the guidance and help from Ed Montini, we completely stripped the car down and cataloged every single part and then set out to do the highest level restoration that has been performed on a 330 GTC. Every nut, bolt and fastener was reconditioned and plated to its proper finish. The car received a complete bare metal body/paint refresh to the highest level possible. Once completed, John Amette from Newport Ferrari came to the shop and performed the inspecton for the Classiche "Red Book" and in a short 4 months, it was certified through Ferrari with no further changes necessary. We look forward to a post-Covid show schedule to include Cavallino 2022!  

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