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Easy Installation

The Vapor Trapper™ can be easily mounted using two 2-1/2” clamps put in line with
your fuel tank vent line. Use #6 AN O-ring Boss fitting (barb fittings with a rubber
fuel hose or a threaded AN fitting for a more custom installation). Make sure to
install the Vapor Trapper™, or at least the inlet line, far above the fuel tank to
avoid liquid fuel getting into the filter. Fuel getting into the Charcoal media
drastically reduces the performance of this product. If this occurs, please contact us
so we can recharge your Vapor Trapper™.  See the handy illustration below or
watch our videos for additional information.

Installation Videos

1968 Mercury Cougar

Vapor Trapper™ Install

Vapor Trapper™ 56 GMC

Layout For Install

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