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Platino Award
Trofeo Gran Turismo - Major Award

November 2019 - Ferrari FCA meet in Scottsdale AZ. After going through the revised Clete Gardenhour's as-built manual, we took #8843 1966 330 GTC to the FCA meet to have it judged. Once again we were very pleased with a Platino Award and another major award given to the car. The crowd and the FCA judges were very pleased to be able to look the car over and see such high standards. 


We also brought a very rare 2002 575M to the show for the first time to have it judged. The other participants and the judges were very surprised to see one of the 62 gated 6 speed cars that were imported to the US. With only 4900 actual miles the car still shows as new and correspondingly, we were awarded the Platino Award as well.  

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