We designed and manufactured this Gas Tank Vent line charcoal filter for all vintage cars and boats that have their gas tanks venting to atmosphere.  If you do not have a sealed closed loop fuel delivery system, this will greatly reduce any gasoline/fuel smell in your garage or closed storage area. This is designed to easily be added to the external vent hose (must be above the fuel tank) to filter those gas fumes that smell up your garage or even your bilge and cabin on your boat. These are beautifully made in the USA from high quality materials that can be recharged with new charcoal media when needed. This is a must for EVERY streetrod, muscle car, or even marine applications.  Up till now, your only real alternative was to retrofit a modern charcoal canister which is not visually attractive for a vintage or custom vehicle. You can configure any inlet/outlet fittings (barb or AN) to the filter to accomodate all applications. Shown here with 3/8 barb ends. our filters currently come in 6 or 8 inch lengths. Feel free to inquire with any product questions! Tom 480 529-3700


Gas tank / Fuel Cell vent line charcoal canister filter