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We have reproduced the carburator drip trays for the inside plug V12 engines. These trays were copied from three original trays provided by the late David Carte. They fit 36 MM throttles plates and the well know 36DCL and other weber carburetors. Each base plate has been water jetted for exact accuracy and fit, custom bending with machined molds, sloping off the catch valley’s and welded ends. Each has the appropriate exit tube on their trays.


  • they were were painted black - ( we have history photos from 1955 ferrari factory assembly of the boano and ellena frame and engine manufacturing facility), OR you can leave them raw aluminum. The material is 3033 aluminum for pliability and easy of installation - "like the originals” . As a result ,they seal perfectly between 2 carburetor gaskets (one on each side of the tray) and room for the phenolic spacer on each carb.


Concourse correct for the restorer or owner where points and correctness matters.


Price is for the set of 3 per engine.

Weber Drip Trays - Inside Plug Engine - Columbo

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